Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Journey of an extraordinary kind - From Womb to Woman to Goddess

Today is a day to be celebrated

Tis the day of my blogmate Amy’s birth

10 Earth Years divide us

In Soul Years we’re equal

Even though it may appear differently  

Our victories are sparse

Our struggles many

Tradition stifles us

Reckless abandon fuels us

We are Mothers

We are Sisters

We are Grandmothers

We are poets

We are artists of The Word and of The Eye

We are not Women who take the label “impossible” seriously

Instead, we are Women who explore possibilities

 We are “WHY NOT” girls

Instead of “CAN NOT” naysayers

Perhaps that is why our struggles outnumber our victories

But then again…..

That depends on your perception of “struggles”

That depends on your perception of “victories”

Celebrate well my Friend

May the coming Earth Year bring you Soul stretching struggles that reward you with dance worthy victories


  1. Love you dearly sweet friend. So happy to call you friend, to call you sister, to call you soul mate. To share thoughts of wisdom and inspiration. To have you along on this earthly journey.

  2. Have a hearty slice of birthday cake for me Birthday Girl!!